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Sports classes

Sports courses

The Patronage Schools operate within the broad structures of Lech Poznań Football Academy. They are responsible for the training process at the first two stages of education in grades 1-3 and 4-8 of the primary school, creating so-called broad base of the training system.

The training process is mainly implemented with the use of the school sports facilities, remaining under the programme control of the club, coaches and coordinators. Schools are selected mainly based on the sports facilities they hold, location and coaching staff. The extended programme of physical education (treated as a training process) is carried out by teachers of this subject employed in a given school. The most talented players are invited to the leading groups of Lech Poznań Academy.

All players take part in sports activities and have the opportunity to develop their football skills regularly and systematically.

Presently, sports courses are conducted in the following schools

SP 51 - Maciej Bandosz, the coordinator

SP 72 - Tomasz Gajewski, the coordinator

SP 78 - Dagmara Zawadzka, the coordinator