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Football Decalogue

Most importantly is to enjoy the play!

The goal of Lech Poznań Football Academy is to teach children to play football. During the recruitment process we do not select players who already show some skills. We give everybody a chance.

The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of the child with the training and with the whole football adventure in the Lech Poznań atmosphere they experience with us. We do not put our students under pressure of getting results but we do not release them from the obligation of making progress either. We “infect our students with passion” for football and love for Kolejorz!

However, our training is subject to certain rules that everyone must follow. Here are the ten rules of Lech Poznań Football Academy!


  1. I am never late for training classes. During training I do my best.
  2. The most important to me is the good of the entire team.
  3. I respect myself and all team members.
  4. I am polite and I never quarrel.
  5. I always follow fair play rules I never cheat.
  6. I know how to accept defeat and I never give up.
  7. My coach is my friend and he will always help me out.
  8. I carefully follow advice and instructions of my coach.
  9. I take care about my sports and training equipment and keep it in order.
  10. Lech Poznań Football Academy is the best in the world!